Town Board Should Hear Entire West Nyack Revitalization Proposal

Plan would benefit community by reducing flooding and create a real downtown with parking.


To All: 

As you are all aware I spoke at Tuesday night's town workshop meeting, I am sure by know you realize I am very passionate about West Nyack...  I have felt from the beginning when I was appointed by the Town Board to be on the West Nyack Revitalization Committee that I would do my best for our community, I take that task very seriously.  

I along with the other members of the committee have spent many hours in meetings to achieve a better West Nyack with the help of H2M and Behan Planners I believe we have come up with a comprehensive plan to benefit our community.  Over the many years we all have been working on this we have spoken to the residents and gone over the original wish lists which including flooding, parking, better use of the park, sense of community a real downtown with accessibility, better conditions of our sidewalks and some type of solution for the truck traffic.  

I believe  the committee has met most of those objectives.  Retention and detention ponds to help with the flooding, additional parking, re-working the intersection at Klein Ave and West Nyack Rd, which in effect has created a traffic calming situation to slow the trucks down.  In a perfect world getting the trucks out of our downtown and neighborhoods would be ideal, we are not unrealistic.

It was disappointing to me that Behan and H2M were not permitted to finish their presentation and were asked to give the Readers Digest version of their proposal to expedite the meeting.  West Nyack and its residents deserve better, the presentation should have been allowed to be finished.

I think everyone in Clarkstown is sensitive to the struggle ahead with the taxes and the situation with the county and the burden that it will put on all of us, however, I don't feel that West Nyack should because of these circumstances be excluded from the town's vision of revitalization for our communities.  

Better communities revitalized with new business brings new taxes and residents to purchase our homes.  Pride of living in Clarkstown!!   My vision for West Nyack remains the same, a revitalized downtown and better community for all of us.  

I am asking the Supervisor and the Town Board members to give West Nyack and its unique issues your full attention and review all the details and design options that were provided to you and allocate the funds that are necessary to complete this project and the potential benefits it has for our residents. 

Maddy Muller
West Nyack
West Nyack Revitalization Committee Member
Vice President of Heritage of West Nyack

earth2murf October 18, 2012 at 08:30 PM
id rather my tax money be spent fixing up Clarkstown than be sent to the Cult in Ramapo...
Gregg October 18, 2012 at 10:41 PM
West Nyack looks fine to me. West Nyack Road is also looking good.
Kevin Roy October 19, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Mandy, thanks for your effort, time, and letter. Is there a way to contact you or the other committe members? I'd like to assist in anyway I can.
Madeline October 21, 2012 at 11:34 AM


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