Gossip: Protest on Bridge, Smoking Ban

What people are talking, arguing and pontificating about

A is a prickly subject, and the mayor's support for the hypothetical moratorium has stirred up some strong views. Like:

Laws should support the public interest; not punish minorities (smokers). Will someone suggest a minimum walking speed next, to clear the new smaller sidewalks of the slower moving, "loitering" seniors? Thank God our village has a history of restraining from using power rather than abusing it.

Conversely, there are those who support the ban:

I am in favor of a ban. If a couple has eaten in a smoke-free restaurant and then when they go outside as they take just a few steps down the skinnier-than-ever sidewalks, they are forced to inhale some acrid smoke from someone else.

And perhaps the pithiest sound bite:

Lunatics, do that and I won't go to Nyack anymore and spend money.

All in all, about 50 percent of Nyackers would support the ban, and 50 would be opposed, according to our . An interesting detail: those opposed generally aren't smokers—they just think the ban would be an abuse of power.


What stops traffic, requires four helicopters to solve and wrangles 295 likes on Facebook? . Check out a video, and the full story, of the protest . Not many folks sympathized with Michael Davitt (the dangler), though:

How many thousands of people are getting inconvenienced by this guy's little protest?!? Get him down and lock him away!



Davitt ended up in police custody after dangling for three hours, but became free after .


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