Evaluating Fairs and Carnivals?

This week we discuss evaluating the safety of rides and the value of the entertainment at local fairs and carnivals.

Moms Talk is part of an initiative on our Patch sites to reach out to moms and families. We invite you and your circle of friends to help build a community of support for mothers and their families right here in Pearl River.

Moms Talk is a place where we can discuss anything that is important to parents in Pearl River. So get comfortable and feel free to just read or join the conversation. Our own Pearl River Editor Ryan Buncher will start off the conversation this week, but we would love to have suggestions for a topic for next week. We changed up the day and time this week to see if that might help the conversation along.

Three children were injuried today when a blow-up ride that was part of a Passover carnival in New Square flipped over. With Dreamland Carnival set up nearby in the Nanuet Mall Parking lot today through May 1, it has me wondering how parents evaluate local carnivals. Are they worthwhile? More importantly, are they safe?

Young children see these things and they want to jump right in. Dreamland Carnival is certainly tough to miss if you drive by. With spring breaks wrapping up, another option to keep the kids busy can be a good thing if it is safe and entertaining.


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