Complaints: Bad Sidewalks, Pot-Smoking Neighbors

Our new column asks what's pestering you, seeks remedies

The other week, —we asked you to tell us what's bogging you down or getting your temper up. Here's a look at what Nyackers and Piermonters are annoyed with, and some possible solutions.

(And if you have something to share, e-mail kevin@patch.com or call 845-313-7933.)

What's with the new, impassible Main Street sidewalks? And too-big planters?

Perturbed reader: you're not alone. Patch's comment threads and Facebook page—and beyond—are abuzz with folks venting about narrow sidewalks, planters gathering cigarette butts and strollers falling off curbs.

Nyack officials are looking into it—the village has , at no cost, to see what fixes can be made.

Those cyclists are infuriating!

On particularly nice spring and summer days, this editor fields more calls about drivers venting about cyclists, and cyclists complaining about drivers, than any other sort. (One cyclists even .)

Note: it is , and can result in hefty fines. And police, especially in Piermont and South Nyack, have no problem pulling over a peddler.

But it goes both ways; cyclists have their rights, and careless drivers can be ticketed, too. Read about the ongoing bike/car turf war .

What's with the blond lady that smokes marijuana outside my house?

Did you tell her pot is a gateway drug? Other than the didactic approach, you can always reach at (845) 358-0206.

I can't take early morning leaf-blowing.

It is controlled within the village code, and can be enforced. Read one reader's treatise on it .

I'm pestered by all the people who complain about things on social media sites.

Would agreeing with you immediately make me complicit? Some of the comments both on and off Facebook are astounding, but by addressing that, you sort of end up complaining yourself. It's a philosophical nut we'll crack one day, and in the meantime there are Facebook groups like this.

Cheri Coleman October 14, 2011 at 04:28 AM
It appears that no matter what you try to do, there are always going to be those who complain. I lived there a few years ago and miss the town for the friendliness and general acceptance of people in spite of all its flaws..because it was a place we loved and cherished..much like our own imperfections that didn't seem to matter because what you bring to the table far exceeds what you don't....so once you make it all perfect..for the perfectionists...what about us everyday people who find really important stuff to complain about, lack of understanding about the need for healthcare and wanting to pay more taxes to support the services we take for granted and oh by the way...the trillions some corporations are sitting on..they chose too and convince you to fight for them by calling it un-american to expect them to do more..or like corrupt individuals who could care less about your safety..just want to capitalize on your predictable discontent with just about everything...so they can pretend to fix it..knowing you'll be back.....please Nyack...you're bigger than this...at least I thought so when I lived there..


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