Cut to the Bone or Cut the Gordian Knot?

Vanderhoef says he is 'cutting to the bone' but in reality he is not 'cutting the mustard'.

In New City Patch article  County Executive, Scott Vanderhoef, is reportedly about to announce a number of financial contingency options designed to close a budget gap projected to be $80 million and cut the county’s workforce “to the bone” after learning the proposed sales tax and deficit reduction bonds increase would not be introduced by Senator Carlucci and that Moody’s Investors Service had downgraded Rockland’s credit rating to close to junk status.

At the same time the CSEA decided to hold a “Rally for Rockland” outside Senator Carlucci's Nanuet office calling on him to reconsider his decision not to sign on as a Senate sponsor of a Bill which Carlucci realizes would only continue .

“We want Senator Carlucci to reconsider his position on this bill,” said CSEA President Billy Riccaldo. “Without his support in the Senate, Rockland County faces devastating cuts in vital services. These cuts will hurt all Rocklanders".

Perhaps it is 'time' for Mr. Vanderhoef to 'cut to the chase'.  But unfortunately 'time' is something that the he does not have.   

According to the March 20, 2012 issue of the Journal News: Rockland County does not have a Finance Director.  It is muddling along appointing a temporary one every 6 months.  This is giving rise to issues of confidence, competence and continuity. “We’re still in a learning curve at a very critical time,” Vanderhoef said. “I want to retain flexibility where we need to.  We just haven't had time to look.”

Mr Vanderhoef, in my book not having time to look for a finance director doesn't 'cut the mustard' especially when at the May 15, 2012 meeting of the legislature one legislator, when shown a basic spreadsheet on the finances of Summit Park, asked the presenter to "slow down".  The spreadsheet simply summarized that 2 plus 2 is 4 and if one takes away 5 the result is negative 1. This should explain to you why the County was in need of a finance director when there was still 'time' for him or her to have helped you figure a way out of your fiscal mess.

'Cut to the chase' is a saying that means to get to the point without wasting 'time', something that the County Legislature is not well versed in.  The phrase originated from early silent films. Films, particularly comedies, often climaxed in chase scenes to add to film time. Some inexperienced screenwriter or director, unsure how to get to the climax or the lack of script to meet time requirements, would just make an abrupt transition, known as a 'cut'.  

In the Rockland County comedy now running in New City, Billy Riccaldo, an inexperienced screenwriter, and Scott Vanderhoef, an inexperienced director, see Senator Carlucci as the object of a 'chase'. Hence, they have sent their hounds to bay down Nanuet's Main Street.  The expectation is obvious - that the chase will end with Senator Carlucci being 'cut to the quick'

But this senator is not one to be bribed, bent or blackmailed to anyone’s personal agenda.  What they don't seem to realize is that Carlucci has now 'cut the Gordian knot' of increasing indebtedness that has been piled upon the taxpayers of Rockland County.  In a quick, decisive move he has taken drastic action and is leading the way for the taxpayers of Rockland County to 'cut the rope' that has been noosed around their necks by the band of robbers that calls itself the 'Rockland County Legislature'.  

It has been widely commented, in a further attempt I suspect to 'cut Carlucci to the quick', that in ‘cutting the Gordian knot’ the senator will be a "dead man" at the next election. If so then he is a man who knows how to die with honor. But the ghostly figures, who revile him in the already moribund County Legislature, will eventually themselves be 'cut and chased' out of office by those who told them in their former lives to face up to their responsibilities and "cut the crap"!

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