Real Estate: Brokers Look at Rockland's Top 20 Business Properties

Economic development agency, utility team up to promote business sites.

More than 70 industrial and office real estate brokers and developers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut gather in Pearl River at a symposium designed to help market 20 prime business properties in Rockland County. 

Co-hosted by the Rockland Economic Development Corp. and Orange & Rockland Utilities and underwritten by O&R, the "Rockland Virtual Broker Tour" at Pfizer’s Pearl River campus offered brief profiles that included location, square footage and prices of the available buildings and sites and on-site access to their brokers.

Those locations ranged from the 2.8 million square feet and 28 buildings available at Pfizer itself to the 1 million square feet and 50 buildings on the Rockland Psychiatric Center campus to every size and shape of property in between. A copy of the symposium’s PowerPoint presentation will be posted on both the REDC and O&R websites this week.

a wonderful vision for the pfizer property would be a college campus consisting of different colleges..sort of a downstate campus for as many colleges that we could attract..it could be specialized for some of the colleges..it could include dorms..the many buildings of pfizer have been outfitted for the sciences so why not use that base or retrofit some..a KEY ASPECT IS THAT THERE IS A RAILWAY BEHIND THE PROPERTY THAT IS CONNECTED TO NYC ,NEW JERSEY..just add another small station and bingo!! you are now connected to millions of possible students without needing cars!!!a downstate multi college could be a SOLUTION for many students who CANNOT afford to go away to a 4 year college for the whole time..so say 2 years on this campus then 2 away. perhaps a medical college funded by various countrys for their students..with the stipulation that students have to do residency for 4 years upon graduation.many aspects...and wheni contacted REDC the answer i was given was" We cant afford to lose our tax base"!wow amzing answer .what better to leave it empty in this new economic era??Rockland isnt on the we have to be there list for many companies.alot of vacancys in NJ closer to major commercial highways and ports..rockland is rockland..but a campus consisting of many different colleges with MASS TRANSIT could be a Cornerstone .
another comment...the stand-offish we know everything that was exibited to me is tunnel vision...a huge aspect of the educational hybrid complex is ready???more jobs!!! build dorms..more residents using services thru-out the county!!!more sales tax revenue...a employee spending money has a multipier effect thru-out the flow of the dollar..estimated to be like 6 times...hotels would be busier..resturants..taxi's.. the issue of a educational complex and proerty tax abatement would be offset by the magnitude of the population of the schools..point of issue.point of interest.. my backround is highly specialized in real estate..larger transactions..anyone driving thru rockland is over whelmed by the signs for rent and for sale and still NO tenents...it is what it is..I have no financial interest..just Great VISIONS
Watchdog September 21, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Hey...they closed the psych Center, you will have to find another place to live, dotty.


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