Long-Time Piermont Residents Celebrate 50 Years In Paradise

Long-time Piermont resident Al Markim may be best know for his time as an actor on television and he was also president of Video Corporation of America, but his reason for celebrating was closer to home Jan. 11.

Al and Sondra Markim gathered with 48 family members and firends at the 76 House in Tappan to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their son, Dan, shared images from the event as well as his father's famous past as the alien Astro on "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet," a popular science fiction television show from the 1950s. 

Dan Markim's letter to the editor is as follows. He also submitted the pictures attached to this report. :

Al & Sondra Markim, long-time Piermont residents, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with a luncheon at the 76 House surrounded by 48 family members and friends.

Their relationship, which was a second marriage for each, has evolved from a whirlwind entertainment romance (he was an actor and a movie/TV producer; she was a dancer on the Riverboat Queen in New Orleans) to whirlwind corporate life (Al was president of NY Stock Exchange traded Video Corporation of America), to a suburban family life (merging kids & step-kids first in Closter, then Woodcliff Lake and ultimately Piermont).

When they retired to their townhouse on Cottonwood Court in Piermont, they donated a bench to the Pier (see attached) with a plaque bearing the inscription: "River Aura…Serenity - Paradise Found"

That same bench was nearly wiped about by Hurricane Sandy (see attached 2 pictures) but hung on and persevered as did Piermont itself.

Al & Sondra's life together was one big hurricane; fast-paced, hairpin turns and crazy ups & downs but they hung on and persevered.

Fifty years of living, learning, laughing and loving!

P.S. There is a bench at the entrance of 76 House which honors "Nana Jean and Papa Julius".  In an amazing coincidence those are the names of Al Markim's long-since gone parents.


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