Nina Simone-Hollywood Conflict Comes to Nyack

Simone's brother, a Nyacker, will sound off on Hollywood's to-be portrayal of Nina Simone.

Should Zoe Saldana play jazz musician and civil rights activist Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic?

It's a question the New York Times is asking. "Few have attacked Ms. Saldana for her virtues as an actress," the broadsheet writes. "Instead, much of the reaction has focused on whether Ms. Saldana was cast because she, unlike Simone, is light skinned and therefore a more palatable choice for the Hollywood film."

And come Wednesday, Simone's brother and Nyacker Sam Waymon will sound off on the controversy.

Waymon is slated to discuss his thought at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26 at Nyack Village Theater.

"Addressed will be the concern over a cinematic misportrayal, as well as Sam's close relationship with Simone," explained Richard Quinn, who operates Nyack Village Theatre, in a press release.

Waymon will make a statement and respond to questions, Quinn added.

Cheri Coleman September 26, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Sam I am proud of you for standing up for Nina. I had the honor of working with her and she would not have wanted this..there are many talented actresses who would die to have this role...Viola Davis should come to everyone's mind....She would be perfect and probably the only actress that has the depth to portray Nina...God bless I will keep you in my prayers.. Cheri


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