News Quiz: Liquor License, Mugging

Test your knowledge and answer questions about local news

All caught up on this week's news? Put your acumen to good use, and answer the questions below in our comments section—and if you're the first to guess correctly, you'll receive a point on the leaderboard.

If you can't recall an answer, track down the related story in our archives with a simple search. Let's go:

1) Baumgart's Cafe is having trouble obtaining:

  • a) A permanent liquor license
  • b) A temporary liquor license
  • c) Customer parking


2) Nyack High School recently performed:

  • a) Bye Bye Birdie
  • b) Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  • c) Noises Off


3) Orangetown Police are searching for a gang of muggers who:

  • a) Are likely teenagers
  • b) Are operating in Piermont
  • c) Were caught on camera


4) A grant for the Nyack Streetscape that recently cleared for:

  • a) $1 million
  • b) $750,000
  • c) $250,000

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