New Designated Driver Program Comes to Nyack

On Super Bowl Sunday, StearClear Offers A Safe Ride Home for you and your car. The Wyckoff-based smart driving company is beefing up its staffing for this weekend.


Super Bowl Sunday is a particularly problematic day for drunk driving and Rockland County announced earlier this week that Rockland police agencies will participate in a special enforcement effort to crackdown on impaired driving from Feb. 1 - 4.

One company is hoping to help alleviate this problem for its customers by keeping them safe and off the road.

Wyckoff-based StearClear, the smartphone app designated driver service, will be on high availability come Super Bowl Sunday across multiple counties in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This service gets you and your car home safely if you've had one too many.

StearClear just came into Rockland County and Matt Elling is the franchisee owner of StearClear North Jersey, which will be servicing Rockland now. Defiant Brewery in Pearl River is an official sponsor of StearClear for Rockland County. 

"Bars and restaurants are going to be standing room only come Sunday and StearClear is working closely with establishments across Nyack, Piermont and Rockland County to help them keep their customers safe,” said Elling. “Bartenders, servers and owners can contact StearClear and we will provide them out with brochures, collateral, posters, etc. so they can help their customers get home safely after the Super Bowl festivities." 

StearClear franchisees will be adding drive teams and expanding on-call hours to meet demands across Bergen County, as well as in Mercer, Morris, Hunterdon and Somerset counties, according to officials with the company.

“Unfortunately, many people opt to drive their car home rather than risk leaving it overnight somewhere after having a drink or two,” said Craig Sher, CEO and co-founder of StearClear. “We saw that it was a big problem and created StearClear in order to provide a safe, efficient and reliable alternative to driving yourself home after you have had a drink.”

In recent years Super Bowl Sunday has rivaled other big holidays for drunk driving in the U.S., according to a company representative.

In 2010, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40 percent of the fatal crashes on Super Bowl Sunday were related to drunk driving. In that year, alcohol contributed to a fatal accident every 52 seconds.

StearClear is available on the iPhone and Android platforms and is the first app of its kind that connects customers directly with drive teams that pick them up and get them and their car home safely. 


STEARCLEAR is a technology company dedicated to providing “last mile” services to consumers and businesses using smartphone applications and sophisticated GPS technology. Its flagship designated driver service provides customers with one-touch access to local driver teams that pick them up and get them and their car home safely and responsibly.

The company is currently featured on SeedInvest.com, an equity based crowdfunding platform. STEARCLEAR franchise opportunities are available across North America, EMEA, Australia and South Africa. More information can be found at www.stearclear.com.

In addition to the smartphone app (best and fastest way to StearClear!) customers without a smart phone can call 201-579-0005 to request a StearClear pickup. 


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