Hurricane Sandy: Nyack Waterfront Begins to Feel the Pounding

Rough waters on Hudson River bouncing boats; storm-watchers awed by power of storm.

As Hurricane Sandy churns up the Hudson River, water is slamming into the Nyack waterfront and attracting storm-watchers.

At the Nyack Marina, rising water has cut off access to the village's boat launch. At neighboring Memorial Park, the river was slamming into the shore.

Boats along the river were bouncing like toys in a bathtub as waves in the river kicked up.

At the foot of Main Street, waves were crashing into the pier at the Cleremont Condominiums. Up Gedney Street, waves were crashing into the bulkheads at the waterfront apartment complexes and winds seemed to be gusting stronger than locations further south.

At the Nyack Marina, Sandra Rosario of West Nyack was one of the storm watchers drawn to the shore. Rosario said she thinks the storm is exciting and she wanted to see its power — before conditions became too bad to venture out.

On Gedney Street, Nyack resident Gloria Arlotta said she was outside watching the storm's impact on the river because of the excitement as well. 

Throughout Rockland and New York State, officials are urging residents not to venture out today — staff home, and don't go to areas like the waterfront.

William Demarest (Editor) October 29, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Nyack is asking residents NOT to go down to the waterfront... Village wants residents to avoid dangerous areas because of Hurricane Sandy.
laura nieschalk October 29, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Nyack is my hometown. Stay safe everyone.


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