Not Exercising Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

Procrastinating again about starting an exercise program? Well, read these 6 common myths about exercise- then learn the truth about the benefits of getting your old body moving this summer

The summer is upon us and it is typically the time when we are most active with outdoor activities. But studies still show that less than 25% of the population exercise on a regular basis.

According to the U.S. Public Health Service, many of us still have misconceptions about exercising. Here are some of the most common myths followed by the real facts:

Myth 1- “Exercising will tire me out.” The FACT is that regular exercise will give you more energy.

Myth 2- “Exercising will cause me to have a heart attack.” The FACT is that regular exercising will strengthen your heart muscle.

Myth 3- “Exercising will raise my blood pressure and make me lose my breath.” The FACT is that exercise has been shown time and again to lower blood pressure and actually strengthen your lungs so that they operate more efficiently.

Myth 4- “Exercise will make my back pain worse and aggravate my arthritis.” The FACT is that exercise will improve your strength, posture, and range of motion in joints. It will also help to relieve stress that may cause back pain.

Myth 5- “I’m too old to start exercising.” The FACT is that you are NEVER too old to do some form of exercise. We have geriatric patients who perform simple chair stretches and arm exercises every day- so if they can do it, so can you.

Myth 6- “I don’t have time to exercise.” This is by far the most common excuse for not exercising, but the FACT is that exercise can be done anywhere- in the car, on your coffee break, even while you’re waiting for your kids to get off the bus. Exercising for 5-10 minutes a day is better than doing nothing at all!

You may be wondering why you should start exercising now, especially when you have been relatively inactive for most of your life. The reasons are endless- like helping you to be more flexible, developing more muscle so that movements won’t require as much effort, and helping to build endurance so you won’t tire as easily.

It is important however, to start exercising gradually, especially if you have never exercised on a regular basis before.  All exercise routines should include a stretching session, as well as a strengthening and aerobic session, followed by a cool down period.  Make sure to call our office or speak to your doctor before starting any routine in order to get the help you need to exercise safely and effectively.

So don’t let another summer pass you by- get out there and get Active- your body will thank you for it!!

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Felicia June 27, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Some love to spend time at the gym but others find it just plain mind numbingly boring! And for many people working two jobs....time is a very real issue.
Karen June 27, 2012 at 02:19 PM
My name is Karen and I'm a personal trainer and I decided that causing my clients pain without a lot of fun wasn't feeling good to me so I started teaching Salsa. Dancing Salsa was my personal joy so I thought it would be fun for my clients and it was and it is, they didn't even realize they were working out with structure and correct form. Find something you LOVE to do that you will offer you correct form by doing it, the results will come easily and you'll never have a time issue because you'll LOVE to make it a part of your routine. Now get going and explore things that you always wanted to learn and just do it!!!
Felicia June 27, 2012 at 03:21 PM
The things I love to do - do not reqiure jumping around. Karen- your comment is very nice and very sincere and I mean no disrespect - but people who enjoy exercising just don't understand those that just find it to be another chore. Taking time out to go dance would take away precious time from the things I truly enjoy doing.


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