Pearl River Businesses Open for St. Patrick's Day Parade

In addition to the restaurants and bars, a few stores will stay open during Sunday's parade, which begins 1:30 p.m. in Pearl River.

While many of the restaurants along Central Avenue will certainly be open Sunday during the Rockland St. Patrick’s Day Parade, plenty of others will be as well.

One such business that will remain open during the parade is the . Owner Judy Clements said the store will open at 11 a.m. Sunday despite not normally opening on Sundays. 

“There’s just so many people around that we open up,” she said. “Sometimes before the parade starts we’ll have kids come in and buy some bubbles or a coloring book, you know, something to keep their attention and play with while they’re sitting and waiting. When it’s cold sometimes we have people come in to warm up, but thankfully we’re supposed to get some nice weather on Sunday.”

She added that in the past, the store hasn’t gotten too busy on the day of parade.

“There’s all those vendors along the street,” Clements said. “If people are going to buy something, usually it’ll just be from them.”

Another reason for staying open is because of the crowd the parade draws, which contains plenty of people who visit from outside of Pearl River, as well as Rockland.

“Maybe someone who doesn’t know the store will stop in for the first time,” Clements said. “Hopefully if they like, they’ll come back.”

That’s also one of the reasons will be open Sunday during the parade.

“It’s also just a really fun day to be in town,” said owner Simi Shifteh. “The parade is just a great day every year.”

Still, some businesses don’t find it worth it to open up if normally closed, such as the Stitchery, which will remain closed Sunday. The won’t be open Sunday during the parade either.

“We’re normally open Sundays, especially in the spring and summer once the weather gets nice, but it’s just not worth it to stay open in that chaos,” said owner Rob Ohnikian.

And other places were undecided as of late Friday afternoon, such as . Owner Kelly Maris said they hadn’t decided whether or not to remain open during the parade.

“I don’t know how many people will be looking for clothes that day,” she said. “It seems more like a bar day.”

It is a huge day for bars and restaurants in town, such as Luigi O'Grady's Deli & Catering on Middletown Road.

"The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Pearl River is our biggest day of the year," said Luigi O'Grady's owner Michelle Worob. "We do most of our business that day in catering for people having company before or after the parade, but the store is very busy as well with spectators for the parade. Our regular Sunday customers are pretty well trained at this point to get in and out early if they want to avoid the crowds." 

Many of the restaurants keep special hours for the parade. 

"By the time the parade ends and the crowd clears, we usually close up between 4 and 4:30," Worob said. "Since we work all through the night and the whole day, we literally crawl out of here to go home and crash so we can start all over again Monday. So even though it is a fun day, it is a very long day as well."


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