Sewing Store No More

Will you miss having a fabric, notions, sewing machine shop in town?

Among the many businesses going out favor and out of business – video stores, shoe repair – there is the classic sewing/notions shop.

For 20 years, the Singer Sewing Center lived on 238 North Highland Avenue in Ossining, lovingly tended by husband, wife and even son.

The elderly Amon couple, who live in Orangeburg, just over the bridge in Rockland County, have been driving this route up Route 9 for long enough. They are more than happy to close up shop, they said a few weeks back when everything – all the buttons, fabrics and sewing needles – were being sold off for next to nothing for a complete closure at week's end.

They were emptying the whole place to make way for who know’s what will come next (stay tuned). The Amons – Sol in his 80s who sews and Elaine in her 70s who knits – would be retiring.

“Thank goodness,” Elaine Amon said. “I’m going to rest.”

Meanwhile, not a total loss. Their son will uphold the family business, albeit in his own way. Steve Amon will still be around to fix and maintain client’s sewing machines, like my ancient and beloved black Singer. He will make house calls “within reason” and also pick up machines that can be left across the street at the Art Barn store.

But where is a poor sewer to go for fabric and buttons these days? There’s a shop on Main Street, Nyack called Sew What’s New, as puns are as rampant in this trade as in hair salon names.

On this side of the Hudson? It's off to Central Avenue to Hartsdale Fabrics

To reach Steven Amon for your sewing machine needs, contact Tri-State Sewing Machines for repairs in home or free pick up on all makes and models, (914) 588-2540. The Art Barn is located on 211 North Highland Avenue, (914) 762-4997.

Where do you go for your sewing needs? Or would you just never pick up a needle and thread in the first place? Tell us in the comments.

Know a business in Ossining-Croton you'd like to see featured here? Email me at krista.madsen@patch.com.

Lanning Taliaferro November 29, 2012 at 05:18 PM
I will really miss them. I don't sew much any more, but for the little I do I've run in and out of there for years and loved the convenience. I'm always needing elastic, or pins, or thread, or a yard of something...I need a darning needle, darn it!
Anita Wallace November 29, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Locally, it's hard to find a good variety of material & sewing supplies. So I was happy to patronize the Singer Sewing Center; especially knowing the iconic Singer brand. I'm very sad to see it go. All the best to the Amon family.
Phyllis Kirigin November 30, 2012 at 01:52 AM
I'm very sorry to see this store go. I am a sewer and loved the convenience of a nearby sewing store.


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