Remaining Nanuet Mall Stores Reflect on Last Day

Mario's Barber Shop was the first in and last out


The Nanuet Mall sits quietly other than some chatter echoing from two hair shops on the second floor of the mall. and the sit side by side as their loyal regulars come in one last time for a haircut at their Nanuet Mall location. Both started at the Nanuet mall when it opened in 1969.

Starting Nanuet Mall owners, Simon Property, will close the building for the long-awaited demolition of the mall. Macy's and Sears will remain open via their exterior entrances, but the rest will be knocked down to build the —an outdoor concept with a Main Street.

The closure is forcing the businesses to relocate. They're not moving far—only 200 yards.

"(All other stores) Everyone is out except for us. A lot of memories happened here," said Hair Stylist Josephine Woodley who has been working at Unisex Palace for 37 years. "I feel bad that the mall is going down after all these years. We get along well with each other and us girls, we all go out to lunch. 37 years, that a lot of memories. It'll be hard to go."

"We're the first in and the last out. We have a good following (of customers) and that's why we're still here (to the very last day)," said Barber Kino Gara, who has been cutting hair at Mario's for 20 years. "I'm really going to miss this mall. This mall was the place to be. It's a shame that it's being torn down. We remember so many good memories when the economy was good we were making good money. It's like a ghost town now."

"Mario was good to us and that's why we all stay and work here for so long," Woodley said. "We started with five chairs." Now Unisex Palace has 32 styling chairs.

Mario's Barber Shop, which owns Unisex Palace, is moving to 400-430 9A Nanuet Mall South, Nanuet. It's the strip of businesses bordering the mall with The new location for both businesses will be between and .

"New place, new stuff," said Gara, adding that other than a few small mementos, the new location will mostly be new furniture, chairs and equipment. "There will be a waiting area and coffee also."

Mario's Barber Shop: 845.623.4134

Unisex Palace: 845.623.4327

William Demarest February 01, 2012 at 12:32 AM
I've been going to the folks at Mario's Barber Shop for years. They are true gentlemen. I especially enjoy they way they treat kids coming in for their first "big boy" hair cut. They were always friendly and like to talk about the world or sports.
Watchdog February 01, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Happy to see that they are relocating. All the barbers know their job and are very personable and friendly.
Bill Saksen February 01, 2012 at 01:13 PM
I have been going there sine I was 15 years old. I am glad they will be relocating in the same area. Bill Saksen


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