Ravens Fans Sell Flacco's 'Stache

For $5, you can get your own Fu Manchu, no shaving required.

With a few razor strokes, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco started a fashion trend.

The Fu Manchu mustache is making an unlikely comeback as the Ravens continue their quest for playoff glory, and now, thanks to a few enterprising fans, you can get your own.

Baltimore photographer Nick Schauman and some friends and neighbors saw the Ravens' Thanksgiving day win over the San Francisco 49ers, where Flacco first donned the new look. Soon, Schauman and friend Josh Griffin decided to follow along.

"We shaved our beards off and it was so funny," Schauman said. "We were all just laughing so hard and we thought it would be cool if our neighbor's wife had one and the other neighbor's wife had one."

Schauman realized they were on to something. With some recycled purple felt from craft stores and medical-grade adhesive, now anyone can grow a purple Fu Manchu "Fanstache" in seconds.

Since last Friday, Schauman said more than 1,000 Fanstaches have been sold, including "a couple hundred" outside M&T Bank Stadium before the Ravens' Saturday afternoon game against the Cleveland Browns.

The Fanstaches are on sale at several Baltimore area bars and shops, including Mother's in Federal Hill, the Baltimore Tattoo Museum and Poor Boys.

You can also buy them online.

And it's more than just fun and games. For every moustache sold ($5 each or five for $20), Schauman and his friends will donate $1 to the Living Classrooms Foundation, the official charity of Flacco's facial hair.

Schauman said the plan is to sell at least 10,000 Fanstaches, and keep selling them right through a much-anticipated trip to Indianapolis in February.

"It seems like all the stars are lining up for us this year," he said.

James Wilson January 16, 2012 at 09:56 PM
I hope this fellow meets and exceeds his 10,000 units sold. What a great idea and even better he followed though and did it. Good job man. For those of you who are now kicking yourselves,( ah #@%* I thought of that ), tough luck. Ideas come and go; it is doing it that matters.


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