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Beth Blanck September 22, 2011 at 03:04 PM
We also only frequent the library. Last summer, we were afraid to walk out of the library after story time with my then 2 year old into the parking lot b/c some young men were having a fist fight right outside. There were two men fighting and more watching. The library called the police and luckily there was a Dad amongst our group who escorted us outside and helped scare them away. That experience certainly didn't make me more comfortable but I'm still willing to give the Village a chance. We would love to see the theater restored, too.
Bob Dumont September 22, 2011 at 09:17 PM
For many of you, did you realize that there is a private school and nursery school that is located in the Village and have had no incidents with regard to their children! I spoke with the Crossroads school, which is the private school on Main Street, who allows their upper class students to go out during lunch! We have been on Main Street for 4 years and have not had ANY incidents. Come to the Village with an open mind for Founders Day on 10/2 and ArtBeat on 10/15. We will be planning a whole slew of events for Spring and Summer 2012! I'm sure many of you have walked out on your own streets and seen trouble - well Main Street is no different and is a very safe place to be! What I would encourage everyone to do is shop local! Avoid every big box store you can, which do nothing for your neighborhood (not a single box or chain store would allow us to post an ArtBeat poster!) and actually come in and say hello to local merchants who sell great products. Just within the village alone you can buy a car, go grocery shopping, have almost every kind of food, buy flowers, find great gifts, get your hair or nails done, get gas, music lessons and 100 other things! You can complain about things not happening or you can come back and visit. Choose the latter and I think you would be pretty surprised. Bob Dumont
Bob Dumont September 22, 2011 at 09:24 PM
Nothing's happening in the village? hmmmm..that is shocking..Lets see! In the past 2 years - The Bowl Company opened a retail store, we just had a music shop open, their is a new bagel store opening and Dentist, the dance studio was rebuilt, businesses across the train (flower shop, shipping center, Dottie's Irish Gifts) are all STILL there (despite a tough economy). The pizza place opened, Country Kitchen has a new place - and this is not to mention the old places that are still here!!! Let's also not forget the Southeast "Studio Around The Corner" that is in the Old Town Hall. If you don't think the Village is coming back, then you should probably come visit us on Founders Day (10/2) and for ArtBeat (10/15). Spanish is not a four letter or dirty word. Everyone in this town is pretty friendly and in four years of doing business in the Village, it has been a safe environment for myself, workers, tenants and friends. Come visit and don't believe the hype! The VOB rocks!!!! (village of Brewster, for those that are not hip to us)
Robert Zubrycki September 23, 2011 at 09:51 PM
On Founder’s Day, Sunday October 2nd, the Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition will open the “Studio Around the Corner” at the Southeast Old Town Hall, 67B Main Street in the Village of Brewster. The Town Board has given the Coalition a lease of the space that formerly housed the Town Court and Town Board meetings. Through the Studio, the Coalition will provide gallery, performance, workshop and community space -- as well as drive awareness and fundraising to renovate and reopen the Theater on the top floor. We feel strongly that a cultural and community center at Old Town Hall is key to business growth and revitalization in the Village. Please stop by and see us on Founder’s day, enjoy an exhibit by local artists, our new LED lighting, refreshments and music! You can also visit us on the web at OTHTheater.org Robert Zubrycki, President Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition
Joe Lambert September 29, 2011 at 02:09 AM
It's time i re-post my 20 reasons to live in the VOB. Here is the link to the Village of Brewster facebook page where i wrote this note. Instead of people hating on the village they should move here AND help make the difference. Everybody is waiting in the bleachers for a good time to "get in", the time is now, the player is you, get into the VOB and make a real difference. Peace, Joe Lambert http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=97954959879&topic=14436


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