Nyack Chamber: Business Curfew for 10 p.m.

They advise against opening businesses with only a generator. The following is a message from Scott Baird, President of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce


Editor's Note: The following is user generated. At the meeting Friday morning, the Village said all food and alcohol sales must stop at 10 p.m. tonight. Further discussions will be had on whether or not food sales may be extended and this will be announced tomorrow

We are sending this to inform you of the Village's current position and policy on the reopening of businesses downtown.  Please note the following:

  1. The Building Department has determined that it is NOT SAFE to allow a business to open when permanent power has not yet been restored.  Although generators may be used to power some of restaurant equipment, these business still do not have permanent fire protection, lighting, exit lighting, etc.  Therefore, business should wait until permanent power is restored before reopening.   Generators can be used to feed plug in fridges or freezers to maintain food stores for the business owner.  The generators should not be placed inside the building or anywhere the fumes can find their way into the building.
  2. As a matter of public safety, the Village Board, in consultation with the Orangetown Police has determined that it is prudent to suspend alcohol sales for a few days.  This restriction will likely be lifted once street lights and traffic signals are restored to Main Street.
  3. The curfew that was in effect for Halloween night is being changed.  Restaurants may now be open til 10 PM and are being asked to stop serving at 10 PM.  This will allow residents and visitors to eat dinner, but also respect the fact that it is still dangerous to be on the streets late after dark. 
  4. We will inform you as soon as the temporary restrictions are lifted. We understand that these restrictions are not good for business.  But we also believe that each of you, as concerned citizens, will respect the Village Board's and Orangetown Police Department's judgment in trying to make our recovery as safe and swift as possible.
  5. With regard to emergency funding from the Federal Government, FEMA is in the process of responding.  Businesses may be eligible to receive funding for lost product (due to spoiling in coolers and freezers) or damage to property.  All business owners should take photos, retain receipts, and document their losses.  Below is a link to FEMA programs for New York.  Likely, we will hear more soon.

Please Note: every day at 11 a.m. Mayor Jen White will hold a Village Conference on the steps of Village Hall at 9 North Broadway. All are welcome to attend for the latest updates.

Thank you for your patience during this historic tragedy.  If we work together, we will speed our recovery and be able to return to full operation soon

Nyack Chamber of Commerce 
Scott Baird, President

Eddie November 02, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Exactly.. -.-
Tom November 02, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I would never want to live in Nyack when they can do this to a person trying to make a living.
Eddie November 02, 2012 at 06:30 PM
I respect what the mayor and Police are trying to do but as a resident of Tappan, employed by a restaurant in Piermont, and frequenter of Nyack's Pizzeria's & bars, it just isn't fair to curtail these businesses, employees who might not see shift pay or pay checks for weeks, I'm sure the trustees will see uninterrupted compensation for their services to the village in their bank accounts, unlike the waitresses who aren't a public servent and won't see money until oir employers decide they must close for fear of bankruptcy. Here's an idea, how about those with 6 figure public servent sallaries take their families out to O'Malley's for dinner and give back to the local economy, and help those that don't get paid more by village for their idea of "safe" is as a trustee at age sixty-five
Eddie November 02, 2012 at 06:43 PM
I'm sure this Business Curfew will help limit the hand-to-hand, open-air drug transactions at the Nyack Plazas, think that should be a larger concern of the trustees than local business owners trying to make up for their lost merchandise.
Robert S. Lewis November 02, 2012 at 10:08 PM
The Mayor and Village Board have no clue as to what it takes to run a business. They have acted arbitrarily and without authority or jurisdiction to determine when alcoholic beverages may be sold. I won't even get into the sheer lunacy of ordering when a mealnay be served in a restaurant. For god sakes it's a blackout, and only partial at that. Don't see Mayor Bloomberg shutting down bars and restaurants.
s3niormoment November 02, 2012 at 10:14 PM
I am thankful the town is putting the safety of its residents before the self serving needs of business owners . I was shocked at the attitudes of some complainants at today's meeting . My husband is a first responder , he worked during the hurricane & has continued to work since . There are people in our county and further afield that have lost everything , it's not much to ask to pull together at a time like this . These businesses will get FEMA dollars and should in turn pass this reimbursement down to employees .
Linda g November 02, 2012 at 10:41 PM
are you that ignorant that you would think Fema would pay these business owners a salary, mortgages, food for their families, gas for their cars.....what planet do you live on. Do you think only first responders bust their backs to help people and to make a living. Obviously you are in the dark when it comes to owning a small mom & pop business. Why don't you pull together and support them and their struggles!
s3niormoment November 02, 2012 at 10:55 PM
I'm at home struggling to support my own , I can't work as the schools are shut & my kids are home , I'm adjusting my priorites in light of the state wide emergency. My family and thousands of others will get no handout for our lost income, no one will pay my rent or utilities for me this month except me, I don't have the spare cash to support you as well. I wasn't sugesting that FEMA will pay your mortgage but businesses will get some reinbursement . Why do you think it's just small businesses that are suffering ?
DAW November 02, 2012 at 11:13 PM
I'm pretty sure, Robert, that the VB does know how to run a business. Just because it affects the two bars you own doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing - only that you don't like it. Did you notice the big, windy weather we had? Downed power lines? No lights, no cops? Anyone? Bueller? Have you no concern for public safety or is that not even on your radar?
DAW November 02, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Do what, exactly? Keep fools from hurting others and themselves? Sounds awful to me. We're *all* trying to make a living.
DAW November 02, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Yes, those drug deals are far more important than the hurricane, the downed power lines, the downed trees, the lack of lights and the scarcity of cops. Priorities! Heaven forbid we impose limits on these great American bar owners during an emergency for the safety of first responders and neighbors. I wish I could turn the sarcasm off but, really, you folks are my neighbors and your selfishness is astounding.
s3niormoment November 02, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Exactly DAW ! Knowingly serving alcohol when you have been told people will be driving home in dangerous conditions I'm sure would be a violation of ones liquor license, why would you jepardize your business and the lives of your community like that ?
Robert S. Lewis November 03, 2012 at 12:19 AM
My businesses are responsible and do not overserve their patrons. Strange how public safety and the closing of businesses wasn't a concern during past blackouts, blizzards and storms. Why now, in the worst of all economies when businesses are struggling. I guess empty storefronts suits you better.
Robert S. Lewis November 03, 2012 at 12:54 AM
By the way DAW, knock, knock! Anyone home? Wake up and smell the coffee. It takes loads of money to run a business . At lleast those I run. Maybe you run a lemonade stand or something. Or maybe you just don't understand simple economics. The businesses forced to close employ hundreds of people. Those people depend on us, and we on them. Bills dont pay themselves, money does and the only way to get money is to earn it. It not just a public safety issue it's an economic issue and quite frankly, an issue of whether the Mayor and VB had the authority to take the action they did
s3niormoment November 03, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Robert S Lewis ... last Monday night all I could hear was wind and sirens ... the police, Mayor & VB are now asking for your assistance ...your response during this time of State declared emergency ...NO...
Robert S. Lewis November 03, 2012 at 03:11 AM
And when I ask for state assistance paying my mortgage and utilities for my business during this state of emergency, what will the response be? NO


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