Donut, Coffee Shop Coming to Nyack

Gyspy Donut slated to open on North Franklin in March

Nyackers lamented the loss of Gracie's Ravioli last winter, but, almost one year later, it turns out there's good news with the bad.

Taking the place of the Italian shop will be Gypsy Donut, the creation of three local families—and named for one venerated pet dog. The coffee-and-donut shop is slated to open on North Franklin Street in March of this year.

David Schloss, one of the owners, teamed up with his wife Abagail, friends B.J. and Maia, and the Watsons—owners of on Main Street—to begin the venture. Schloss and his wife have experience with start-ups; B.J. and Maya are a skilled carpenter and catering duo, and the Watsons bring eight years of business acumen.

The concept evolved over the past several years, Schloss explained, with ideas hammered out over brunches or beers. At first, Gyupsy Donut was to be a mobile catering truck—but the owners decided on a more permanent homebase.

"We wanted to be customer-facing, and enjoy the retail experience," Schloss said. "And two months ago, we said, 'let's pull the trigger. Let's do this.'"

Schloss noted Gypsy's offerings will be as diverse as its owners' expertise. "Our model is not just to produce glazed donuts," he said. "We'll try to put out some head-turning donuts—we've already got some great recipes."

On the tentative roster now are red velvet and fruit-filled donuts. The menu will change often, Schloss said, and Nyackers can stay posted on what's happening in the kitchen through blogs and social media.

(Want to suggest a donut? Click here.)

The coffee will be provided by Stumptown Coffee, a Portland, OR-based bean roaster.

And though Gyspy Donut is opening amid a few blocks packed with eateries, Schloss isn't concerned—and neither is the competition. of Nyack Gourmet was quick to offer some of his equipment to the cause, and Matt Hudson of the gladly opened his kitchen's doors to Schloss and company.

"As a longtime Nyack person I'm not surprised," Schloss said of the hospitality. "But I'm thrilled."

"People have been fantastic," he added, noting hardly a day goes by that he's not stopped on Main Street or Broadway with a donut suggestion, or words of encouragement.

Schloss noted end-of-March is the indefinite opening day; there are still health department and building department hurdles to jump. But when the doors open, customers will see exposed brick and wood re-purposed from a blaze—"it's sort of a hipster aesthetic," Schloss said.

Also planned is delivery (by bike), late hours and in-store events. Extra donuts will be donated to the village's hungry. The shop is also taking donations for start-up costs on Kickstart, having raised close to $7,000 as of Monday, Jan. 9.

Walt January 10, 2012 at 01:22 PM
I also wish them luck. The problem with the location is there is no where to park so they will need to rely upon a steady stream of local pedestrian traffic.
paul schackman January 11, 2012 at 04:01 AM
The coach was Jim Schoenfeld of the Buffalo Sabres.
Dina Moore-Tzouris January 11, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Yay! This is EXACTLY what Nyack needs--a little bit of Brooklyn hipster infusion--the shop reminds me of Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, home of the best red velvet donut in the world. They sell out of donuts every morning. I wish the same for our new neighbors at Gypsy Donut. Best of all, Stumptown Coffee in Nyack! I currently have to pick it up at one of only a few available location in the city, or order online. It's a big coup that it'll be available in our little town--can't wait!
A.Felton January 11, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Yay Stumptown Coffee! I first had it at the Ace Hotel in Portland, OR, when I considered moving out there, so glad I chose Nyack instead! How about some Gluten Free options on the menu?
just another voice May 05, 2012 at 02:11 PM
I am also very excited even though I don't eat donuts (doughnuts), I grew up with the smells of a home kitchen-based donut making enterprise in old time Vermont. They too sold out in the town's general store. I love that you are pushing the limits and rewriting the properties of a proper donut! Bacon on a donut? How scandalous!


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