Green Babies, Safer Clothes

Green Babies in Nyack has been designing and selling safer child attire for nearly two decades.

When it comes to clothes for kids, there's some good sense and wisdom in Nyack.

If you want to get in the loop—and grab some quality baby apparel—visit Green Babies. 

For 17 years, owners Hossein and Lynda Fassa have been at the forefront of creating and designing swank, safe and organic baby attire.

Their philosophy is straightforward: your child is precious—so shouldn't the outfit they're wearing be top-notch?

"Original cotton is pesticide-laden," said Lynda, who has authored two books, Green Babies Sage Moms (2008) and Green Kids Sage Families (2009).

Alternatively, Green Babies' organic cotton products contain no pesticides, no herbicides and no formaldehyde, Lynda explained.

"We want to help, and do what's safe," she added. "[Parents] have to ask themselves, 'is it safe for my baby?'"

The duo act as a team—Lynda takes care of the initial conceptualization, and Hossein tackles the structural design. From their 1,200 square-foot location they run an online wholesaling business, operate their tiny retail store and—most importantly, they note—do what's best for children.

All toys and clothing are American made, the Fassa's note. And Green Babies merchandise has an appeal far beyond Nyack; their attire can be found in stores throughout America, Canada, Europe and Japan (not to mention several catalogues).

The couple's work has also been featued in magazines, like England's Small World Magazines, a periodical that spotlights family-friendly wares and activities.

Green Babies' history begins with the couple's first child, Layla, in 1993. Lynda—who was working in the fashion industry at the time—wanted the most comfortable and safest clothing for her child, and yours.

She called it her "mission"—and by the time their second daughter, Mina, came along in 1996, business was booming.

And Lynda's care and concern is still strong today.

"We have to protect newborns," she explained. "It's an uphill battle."

But the battle is being fought valiantly at 10 Piermont Avenue.

"We're here to hear what other people want," Lynda added. "We're here to help them."


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