Rockland Youth Bureau Offers Grants

The Rockland County Youth Bureau is offering grants to encourage youth development.

The Rockland County Youth Bureau is accepting applications for grants for programs aimed at promoting positive youth development and decrease juvenile delinquency.

There are two types of grants:

  • Youth Development Delinquiency Prevention (YDDP), which require a 50% match by the subcontractor.
  • Special Delinquency Prevention Programs (SDPP), which address specific needs. SDDP grants are designated for initiatives that help keep young people from the juvenile justice system.

Concept papers for programs must be emailed for review by the Allocations Committee of the Rockland County Youth Board of Directors. A letter of intent must be sent before the full proposal. Interested parties will be notified by Feb. 15, 2013 if they should submit the full proposal.

To submit a concept paper, contact Linda Ciulla at (845) 638-5166 or by email at Ciullal@co.rockland.ny.us to acquire the require dtemplate. Concept papers are due by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6. 

Funding decisions will be announced April 16, 2013 at the earliest.


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