Barnes & Noble Hosts Passover Storytime (VIDEO)

Rabbi Jeffrey Abraham read Passover stories to kids at the Palisades Mall

A group of about 15 kids gathered in the children’s section at Barnes & Noble in the Palisades Mall to listen to stories about .

The stories were read by Rabbi Jeffrey Abraham from Congregation Sons of Israel in Nyack. Abraham said he took his son to a reading at the bookstore last Chanukah, but it had a low turnout with just one other family there. He introduced himself to the store managers and asked if they wanted to work together on a future reading to try and bring more people to the event. They agreed.

“I think we had a pretty solid turnout,” Abraham said. “Especially since it was the first one, the first of many hopefully.”

Abraham said in the future he can see doing readings at the store for bigger holidays, like Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah.

On Wednesday, Abraham read two books about Passover to the group, one about the actual story of Moses leading the Jews out of ancient Egypt where they were being held as slaves by the Pharaoh, and another about dinosaurs celebrating Passover.

Abraham also led the group musically, as they sang a few songs about the holiday as well.

They also hid the afikoman, which is a piece of matzoh that is hidden during a Passover seder for kids to find. On Wednesday, they hid the afikoman twice. Afterwards, all of the kids received a toy rubber popper as a gift.

has another Passover event for kids Friday morning at 10 a.m. when the synagogue hosts its burning of the chametz, or burning of bread products before the holiday. Abraham said they are holding itfor adults at the synagogue, located at 300 North Broadway in Upper Nyack, and while that’s going on the Nyack Fire Department will be there with a fire truck for the kids. They’ll also sing and read stories as well.


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